4 Reasons I Deleted Games From My Phone


The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it.

– Henry David Thoreau

Alto's Adventure on my phone

Alto’s Adventure

A few weeks back I made the conscious decision to delete all games off of my phone. I can hear you now. “WHAT??? That is one of the purposes of having one of these exceptionally expensive devices isn’t it?” For me the answer is no. Don’t get me wrong. I love to play games on my phone. My latest obsession has been Alto’s Adventure and trust me it becomes an obsession. The problem is I began to notice that I was missing out on some crucial opportunities that the games on my phone were taking away from me. I decided to list out what I was missing out on and in the end, deleting all of the games off of my phone was an easy decision.

#1 – I want to start a blog!

Wordpress blogging on my phone

WordPress Rocks!

Imagine that! I always have those moments where I’m like “I should blog about that!” but I stopped blogging years ago because I really didn’t understand how to blog. Blogging is a lot more than just writing some stuff down and posting it to the Internet. You would think that would be the jist of it but most bloggers are one-person outfits that have to worry about hosting the blog, making sure that it is search engine optimized (SEO baby!), and getting the word out about posts. My initial attempt at blogging was a fruitless adventure of frustration that got so bad I didn’t even recognize that my blog had been hacked! This time around I wanted to do it right. I wanted to understand how to write better (still working on that) and how to get the word out through proper optimization and social media so that I could get some eyes on these all important words. You need time for that. My addiction to Alto’s Adventure was taking away that precious time and it had to go.

#2 – I miss you Twitter!

When I was the Technology Director for a school district I began to use Twitter as my professional learning network. I participated in the different chats (#miched and #edchat were my favorites) and I really felt like I had found a place that would help me grow in a school district setting. My position was abruptly cut and I entered the non-profit sector which I’m sure has as fervent of Twitter crowd but I just didn’t have the heart to try to create a new network. I dabbled here and there and posted from time to time but lost interest for the past couple of years. I really missed it! Some people are readers and occasional chatters but I like to dive in deep. I read and listen to a lot of news and I like to share the stuff I’m paying attention to on Twitter. I do NOT autopost news articles, in fact, I don’t post anything that I haven’t personally read yet. I actually want to discuss with my network what is going on in the world. Maybe that is why I love Twitter chats. It is so cool to talk to people that I have never met about things we have in common or things we disagree on. There just isn’t enough time to be addicted to Alto’s Adventure and keep an active network on Twitter.

#3 – I’m an entrepreneur damnit!

Well at least I want to be. Working for someone else has some huge benefits like a steady paycheck and health insurance but my heart has always leaned toward the freedom of owning my own business.  I have dabbled in consulting and made some pretty good money doing it but I have never had the time to really pursue more work. Entrepreneur’s have very little time to waste and the reward for that hard work is immeasurable. Giving up Alto’s Adventure is a small sacrifice for the freedom of being my own boss. Since deleting the games off of my phone I have found myself thinking a lot deeper about opportunities that are out there and how I can take advantage of those opportunities. May not seem like much but it is a lot farther than just thinking it would be cool to someday be my own boss.

#4 – Mindful Cuddling

Sophie and I Cuddling on my phone

Sophie and Daddy

I came up with that on my own. You can use it but I reserve all rights. 🙂 What is mindful cuddling? Mindful cuddling is paying attention to the person you are cuddling with instead of guiding Alto over jumps, through villages and over chasms. I’m guilty of cuddling with my youngest while playing games on my phone and though we might be cuddling, I’m missing out. I’m missing out on kissing her forehead while we watch her shows. I’m missing out on tickling her until she breathlessly says “No More! No More!” I’m missing out on that moment when her breathing changes and she is asleep for the night. In the end, if I only had this reason to delete all of the games from my phone this would be enough.

So you heard my reason for deleting the games off of my phone. What are you missing out on when you are trying to clear level 99 on of Candy Crush Saga?

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